Yeti vs Rtic

I have been wanting a Yeti tumbler for the past few months but didn’t want to pay the $39.99 price tag. So, I’ve been waiting and hoping for a sale, and now I think my waiting has paid off because I found Rtic.

Rtic makes similar products to Yeti at half the price. At first, I thought, “what are the quality of these products and do the products perform as well as Yeti?” Then I decided to buy both 30oz tumblers and test them out. I did a 24hr ice test and 6hr hot liquid test to find out for myself.

*This is my review of these products, and my own personal opinion. I was not given these products or asked to write a review.*

Yeti vs Rtic

The tumblers look almost identical. Both are made of steel and are double wall insulated. The Yeti feels slightly heavier or more sturdy, and tapers down at the bottom. The Rtic is slightly taller than the Yeti, and the side wall does not look as thick. The lids look almost identical, with just a slight variance in the slit of the lid. Rtic also makes another lid that has a sliding cover for the drink slit.

I bought my Yeti at Academy for $39.99, and the Rtic at Buc-ee’s for $19.99.

Ice Test


I filled both tumblers with ice and left them sitting out on the stove top for a little over 24 hours. I checked on the progress around the 15hr mark. At that point it was a tie, both tumblers had 1/4 cup of melted ice in them. At the 24.5 hour mark, I poured out the melted ice again. This time, the Rtic had less water than the Yeti, by about 1/8 of a cup. So after sitting out for over 24 hours, both tumblers still had a giant chunk of ice in them. Both brands performed very well, but at half the price I gave it to Rtic.

Hot Liquid Test

For this test, I used my Keurig to fill each tumbler with 192-degree water. I again left the tumblers sitting out on the countertop. At the 3 hour mark, I checked the temperature of the water, Yeti read 125 degrees and Rtic 115 degrees. At 6 hours I again checked the temperature of the water, both tumblers read 100 degrees. Rtic claims to keep hot liquids hot for 6 hours, Yeti does not claim a certain amount of time on their packaging. I would say that both tumblers, again, performed almost identically. At the 3 hour mark, Yeti was doing better, but at 6 hours  I did not feel that either tumbler really kept the water hot. The water was only a little above lukewarm. I would have to call this one a tie.


So, what did I find in my Yeti vs Rtic trial?

I think that overall I would buy the Rtic again. It performed just as well, if not slightly better in the ice test and both performed equally with the hot liquid test. At half the price of the Yeti and with a similar look, I would say that Rtic is a good deal. I like both brands overall, but I think that Yeti is overpriced.

I hope you find this post helpful! I would love to hear from you…leave me a comment below.