3 Things Thursday

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and joining in on 3 Things Thursday . Today this post is centered on my birthday – I turned the big 30 this year and I am embracing this milestone birthday. It is a little hard to go from your 20’s to 30’s, but at the same time I feel that my 20’s were a time of exploration where I figured out who I am (do not take this statement to be meant in a negative/dirty sense). I am not saying that I have got it all figured out or anything, but I am looking forward to 30 and at this point in life I am more comfortable in my own skin, maybe it is that I more confident in the person that I am. I am also ready to embark on this next part of my life – I almost feel like turning 30 is a new start, it is almost like at 30 you are an adult, where as in the 20’s you are a teen finding your way to adulthood (or at least that is how I am feeling).  Here is to 30, flirty, and thriving (something I have been waiting to say since 13 going on 30 came out)!


I want to start this post off by talking about my sweet handsome bearded man, my other half, my husband, Dustin. He is such an integral part of my life, a part that I almost cannot remember not being there. God brought us together 5 years ago and the rest is history. These lovely flowers he brought home as a gift for my birthday are not just flowers to me, they are a symbol of our love. He knows that I am not really the flower type and he, therefore, does not buy me flowers very often (I think I can count on 1 hand the times he has bought me flowers). That is why when he does buy me flowers, it means a lot to me. It means that he wanted to give me something beautiful, he wanted to express his love with a sweet smelling, beautiful, and one of a kind creation of God. I do not know if he thinks of this gift in the way that I do, but flowers to me mean something special. Flowers are not just something to look at, but they are a symbol of something more beautiful. Sorry, I think I went a little deep there but I hope that y’all kind dive into my thought process and see what I am trying to communicate.



I love going to aquariums, I think it is something about watching the fish swim around that is mesmerizing and so calming. We have a Sea Life Aquarium close to where we live and decided to go for my birthday. The tickets were not overly expensive and I thought well, let’s give it a try! My parents, sister, and hubby went along with me, and we were all pleasantly surprised by the exhibits. It was amazing! We all had such a great time. They had multiple tanks with all kinds of fish, as well as a crocodile and snake exhibit. If you live near a Sea Life aquarium I would definitely suggest giving it a try…we were happy we did. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Family & Friends

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends for making this birthday into such a special occasion.

My family made me loved and cherished today. I don’t mean to go on and on, but I guess this post has turned into a reflection on life and I am almost done reflecting (wink). My parents and sister have always been there for me, and I am blessed to have them in my life. Spending the day with my family and husband was just amazing, that’s really the only word that comes to mind. Something about being with those people that love me and want the best for me made my day.

A few of my best girlfriends came and visited with me Saturday. We had a great time talking, catching up, and just having a little girl time. It was nice to have time to just relax together and talk. I am definitely a talkative person, on most occasions, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk about anything and everything. These ladies are my closest and dearest friends, with whom we all feel comfortable enough to talk openly about life’s troubles, struggles, and triumphs. These lovely ladies are such an encouragement to me, and friends out there I hope you too have a close girlfriend or group of girlfriends. I thank God for bringing each of these ladies into my life!

Happy Thursday!

3 Things Thursday

Welcome back to another edition of 3 Things Thursday! I have really enjoyed writing these posts because I feel like I’m able to share with y’all a glimpse into what’s going on in my life right now. This week I have 3 random things to talk about…hope y’all enjoy! Let me know your random things in the comment section below…I love to hear from you!

Yeti vs Rtic

Have any of y’all been eyeing and watching for Yeti tumbler sales? I know that my husband has been wanting a Yeti tumbler but the things are expensive at $39.99! We had been debating about getting one because the rumor is that ice will not melt for 24 hours. Plus they have other great features, such as being made of stainless steel, it doesn’t sweat, and the company is based in Texas.

Then entered Rtic. Just recently we were visiting with my in-laws and my brother-in-law was talking about this new company, called Rtic, that makes products that rival Yeti at half the cost. I was very interested, to say the least, and decided to buy both a Yeti and Rtic 30 ounce tumbler and write a comparison review. I will be reviewing the 2 tumblers this weekend and have a review for y’all, so stay tuned.

Ella is turning 3!

I am so excited to be celebrating another year with my little God daughter Ella. I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since she joined our lives. She is the sweetest, happiest, funniest little girl and I love her to pieces! She likes to play in her sandbox, and she is an avid water baby. Last summer she would always be asking for “bath”, which meant she wanted to go to the pool and play in the water.

She is also turning into a bit of a neat freak. When I last went to visit, her momma was telling me how Ella likes all her toys put in their place and she knows where the toys are supposed to go. It was funny because daddy had picked up the toys and they were not in the right places, so Ella told us about it and put them in the right places. So, this weekend I will be enjoying a lovely Mickey and Minnie themed 3-year old’s birthday party and I cannot wait!

Stitch Fix

I am trying out a new service called Stitch Fix. This is an online styling service, where you create a style profile and they send you 5 pieces of clothing. You pay a $20 styling fee but that money goes toward the items you purchase from your fix. The clothing items you don’t want to keep are sent back in a return envelope that comes with your order. Sounds easier enough to me, so we shall see.

I had heard about this service from friends and had seen things on Pinterest but just wasn’t quite sure if it was for me. The other day I was talking to a friend that has been using Stitch Fix for a little while and decided to go ahead and try it out. My first fix is on the way and I’ll share my thoughts with y’all on this service soon. So stay tuned…

Happy Thursday cyber friends! I would love to hear your 3 things….leave me a comment below

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