Stitch Fix Report

Stitch Fix Report

What is Stitch Fix you might ask? This is an online styling service, where you create a style profile and they send you 5 items. You pay a $20 styling fee once you schedule a fix, but that money goes toward the items you purchase from your fix. The clothing items you don’t want to keep are sent back in a return envelope that comes with your order.

Step 1:

Either at Stitch Fix or on the Stitch Fix app, you create a style profile. You fill out a style questionnaire, this way the stylist can get a feel for your personal style. You can also link up your Pinterest style board, this way your stylist can see the type of clothes you like (if you want to try out Stitch Fix, I highly recommend linking a Pinterest board).

Step 2:

Schedule a fix. There is a $20 styling fee once your items ship, but that $20 is put toward the items you decide to purchase. Then you receive your items. This is the fun part, where you open your front door to see a wonderful little box sitting there with 5 items picked out just for you. It is kind of fun because you don’t know what’s in that box until you open it, so it’s a fun surprise!

Step 3:

Try on the items. You then sign into your account, buy what you want to keep, and return what didn’t quite work out for you that time. Each fix comes with a return envelope that is addressed and ready to be mailed back. So returning items is easy breezy! There is a plus if you love all 5 get to take 25% off the entire order!

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Stitch Fix Report

Nine West – Jellybean Studded Flat Sandal

Ok, so I did not like these sandals from the minute I saw them. My first impression was “these look cheap”, it was something about the edge of the sandal and I really did not like the stud detail. I did like that they came in this cute bag. That is a neat idea instead of sending the shoes in a box. I did at least try them on and look at them on my feet, but again I did not like them. The sandal just did not look good on me – that sounds weird to say about a shoe but that’s all I can say about them. Did not like them at all.


Eden Society – Harrison Embroidered Top & Dear John – Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short

The top fit a little too snuggly. I think it was meant to be a little bit more of a looser fit top not so snug. It was pretty tight through my bust. I also was not a big fan of the design, it looked kind of like snowflakes all over the shirt. I also did not think the bottom scallop design of the shirt really went with the “snowflake” design on the rest of the shirt. This shirt confused me a little bit, plus it is not my style at all. I was getting more of a shabby chic/southern romantic feel from this top, which is not me.

I did like these shorts from the moment I took them out of the box. The fabric was very soft but sturdy. They were also very comfortable because the fabric had a little give to it. My only issue with these shorts was the pattern. I just was not too sure about this faded floral design – it kind of reminded me of a pair of old shorts that had been passed down too many times. At first, I thought I would keep them because of how comfortable they were and I liked how they felt, but then I was not sure what shirt to wear with them. I am more of a vibrant color person, not light colors, so I decided to return them. I think I would like for Stitch Fix to send me another pair of these shorts but in a solid color.

41Hawthorn – Keziah Shirt Dress

I just loved this dress from the minute I pulled it out of the box. The fabric is so soft, which is important to me. I am very tactile and if a fabric does not feel good then I won’t like it. This fabric feels amazing, it is very lightweight and soft (sorry I keep saying soft, but it is so soft and comfy feeling). I also like the pattern and colors of this dress. The bright pink paired with navy – perfect! Just my kind of colors. I also feel like I can wear this for summer, and into the fall pairing it with a jean jacket or cardigan. It has pockets, which is another win for this dress! As y’all can probably tell, this dress was a keeper! I think I like this brand because the only item I kept from the last box was also from 41Hawthorn.

Free Heart – Kinderhook Chambray Top

I really wanted to like this top, for two reasons: one, I liked the color, and two, I liked the feel of the fabric. This shirt was very soft to the touch and the fabric was lightweight. I also like the denim look of the shirt, but when I tried it on, it just did not work for me. It was tight around the bust area and the cut of the shirt was just strange. I did not like how low it came under my arms. It also was not flattering – I thought it looked baggy and just boxy. I tried to like it but it just did not work for me.



I was disappointed by this box, I feel like the stylist did not understand my style at all. Looking at my Pinterest board and style profile, I am not sure where she got the idea that these pieces would be my style. I loved the dress, so she did not totally miss the mark but the shoes were a totally fail and the pattern on the shorts (would’ve loved the shorts if they had been khaki or navy or some other solid color). The two tops did not fit right, and the white top just had a strange pattern going on with those snowflakes. I also left some feedback at checkout, stating that I would like to see some more affordable pieces in my next fix (I do not think that pieces ranging from $48-79 are truly affordable). So, that was Stitch Fix Report – Edition 2….we shall see how they do with the next box.

Thank you for checking out my blog. Also, check out my YouTube video where I do the unboxing and try-on. I’d love to hear from you – what did you think of the pieces and what would you have kept? I always love hearing from you!

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