Ok friends, today I am talking about monetizing. The blog is a little over 2 months old and one of my big goals is to be able to earn money from blogging. I truly want this blog to be a place where friends come to talk and share – that is my theme, and therefore I want to be totally upfront with y’all. I am going to talk a little bit about why I am monetizing and what that means.

Blogging is not free

Blogging does cost money. That is the truth to it. There are a few different things that I pay for to keep this blog up and going, such as paying a company for web-hosting and paying for apps to edit my pictures and other behind the scenes things. Beyond just the cost of actually running the blog, I also would love to turn this blog into a source of income for my family. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sell y’all anything or push you into buying things on my blog. This blog is all about sharing the things that I love, which does include products that I use. So, if you see a link to a specific product on my blog, by clicking that link it will take you directly to that product and if you buy the product, I make a commission. This does not cost you anything at all and I promise to only post and talk about things that I support therefore whatever items I link to will only be ones that I fully support.

What is Monetizing?

Monetizing means that you are making money from blogging. This can be done in a few different ways, such as placing ads in the blog, adding affiliate links and many  other companies offer affiliate programs as well, or signing-up for Google Ad-sense. These are the main ones that come to mind. There are so many ways to earn money, or monetize, and if you google it then you will see what I mean.


For now, I am just starting off with Amazon and trying to learn everything that I can. I want to make sure that I know what I am doing. I do not want to do something half-way or mess it up because I feel accountable to you (my readers). One of my goals for this blog is to earn income for my family. I am not saying that is my main focus but that is my end goal. I have loved every minute of this blogging journey – I have learned so much, met some amazing people, and enjoyed each step – I hope to keep blogging for a good long time!

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